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You’ve got a bag of mixed nuts – but how do you go about releasing the nutty goodness trapped inside those shells?

A sledgehammer would split the shells, but the suggestion seems ludicrous – but have you considered whether this might be your approach to IT investment?

No-one wants to spend too much on implementing and maintaining their IT systems, but do you know where you can save, and in which areas you’d make real gains from spending a little extra?

The Number One Mistake that we see businesses making when looking for IT System advice?

The mistaken assumption that all IT support packages are equal.

A good provider will not only work proactively, to prevent issues occurring so your systems are up and running when you need them, but they should also be helping you to make the best decisions for your business.

We see many companies opting for expensive products (because they believe that more expensive = better), only to find that they don’t actually suit their company needs.

So how do you know whether you’ll be getting the value you require when you choose your IT provider?

I think the most important consideration is whether the supplier is genuinely interested in your business, how it works, and what its goals and aims are. If you aren’t being questioned about your organisation, its business model, and any challenges you are experiencing, that would certainly ring alarm bells for me!

There are plenty of parallels in this process with how you might select your accountant:

You may make your decision based purely on price; but, as anyone would recognise by going down this route, you are unlikely to be getting the best advice on taxation, pensions, business planning and other essentials that make a big difference to the growth and profitability of your company. Ultimately, sound financial advice will result in an increase in your personal wealth that should far exceed the cost of the accountancy service.

Why not call us for a chat?  We don’t believe in selling, just in good advice and that means if we aren’t the best fit for your business, we’re not afraid say so. At the very least, we can exchange ideas and learn from our discussion; every business is slightly different, just like the composition of a bag of mixed nuts – the adventure is in extracting the most value and goodness from each nut!